We are the Friends of Moldova, an organization of Return Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV), whose mission is to support Moldovan civil and youth activists, initiatives, and social entrepreneurs. Moldova, Ukraine’s neighbor, has opened its home to Ukrainian refugees. Our connections with the many organizations and people in Moldova have put us in a position to significantly contribute to this disaster. We are collaborating with Peace Corps Moldova as well as local Moldovan and RPCV businesses to support Ukrainian refugees. At the request of the Moldovan community leaders, we have organized this fundraiser to aid refugee support efforts. Click the link above for more information.

Both grant recipients are operating according to plan. Click the link below for more information.

2022 Grants Finalists

We thank everyone that participated in our grants selection process. Especially those who took the time to submit new project ideas. In this grant cycle, we had a lot of great ideas that we wanted to fully fund. After reviewing all 70 applications, we decided to interview 7 applicants, and our members voted to award funding for 2 applications. Congratulations to AO NEXT STEP and GALATA Club!

GALATA Club wants to engage with children that have been isolated by the pandemic and by modern technology. The organization wants to involve them in outdoor activities to increase their level of adaptability to different unique environments. Another goal is to strengthen children's immunity and physical training through the exercises they will do and the environment in which they will spend their time.


The NEXTSTEP project has a focus on students' futures with the goal to bridge the gap between students and their ambition. NEXTSTEP provides training, workshops, and coaching to inspire and guide youth into a career they are passionate about. This project will expand the personal development opportunities for the students.

Your Membership dues fund these projects. We provide oversight to our members and assist the democratically selected grant winners with their projects. Please renew or being your membership with The Friends of Moldova to contribute to and vote on grant winners like these . THANK YOU.

2021 Finalist - A.O. Pomul Vieții

Project Scope: A.O. Pomul Vieții proposed to use a grant of $3000 to launch a self-sustaining tree planting business. These diverse trees was cultivated by 3-5 mentally-disabled young people at the Speranța și Sănătate Day Center for People with Mental Disabilities with training and support from Pomul Vieții staff. Profits from sales will go to the workers and maintain equipment and facilities, to ensure the continuation of the project. The majority of the grant will go towards building the green house, business training, paying the disable youth to help, & building an advance irrigation system. The completed greenhouse will also serve as an environmental education center for neurotypical middle- and high-school students in the region.

Project Results:

Grants from The Friends of Moldova
Winter 2022 Application Cycle (February 1st 2022 - February 18th, 2022)

The Friends of Moldova periodically issue calls for proposals for small grants from Moldovan nonprofits, initiative groups, and aspiring social entrepreneurs. Applications may be for funding, or for technology, equipment, or educational materials. Projects involving youth and young adults will be prioritized. However, any project that will benefit the community will be considered!An example Project Budget is available here. / Un exemplu de buget al proiectului este disponibil aici. / Пример бюджета проекта доступен здесь.

Dacă doriți o copie a formularului de cerere în română:

Если вам нужна копия формы заявки на русском языке

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) / Întrebări frecvente / Часто задаваемые вопросы

EligibilityCan an initiative group with no legal status apply for the grant?
Can a State Institution apply for the grant? (i.e. a municipal youth center)
Can a company registered as a SRL apply for the grant?
If it acts as a social entrepreneur, yes.
RulesWhat costs are eligible?
Costs that can be justified to implement the project are justified. Alcohol, drugs, and weapons are strictly prohibited.
What are the time limits for the grant?
Within 1 year of being awarded the grant.
How are Youth defined?
Anyone up to age 35
Is it important to have a dollar bank account?
My initiative group is located in Transnistria, will it be a problem?
We can work only with a partner organization in Moldova which implements projects in Transnistria. We cannot work directly with a organizations in Transnistrian due to diplomatic issues and problems with money transfer.
OtherWhat are the priorities of the grant program?
Youth and community development and social entrepreneurship
How many projects will be funded? Will there be funding for several projects or just one of those that apply?
1 or a group of projects that totals $3,000 USD.
Where do the funds allocated for grants come from?
Membership fees and donations from our community, mainly in the US.

EligibilitatePoate solicita subvenția un grup de inițiativă fără statut juridic?
Poate solicita o subvenție o instituție de stat? (un centru municipal de tineret, etc.)
Poate solicita subvenția o companie înregistrată ca SRL?
Dacă acționează ca un antreprenoriat social, da.
ReguliCe costuri sunt eligibile?
Costurile care pot fi justificate pentru implementarea proiectului sunt justificate. Alcoolul, drogurile și armele sunt strict interzise.
Care sunt termenele pentru acordarea grantului?
În termen de 1 an de la acordarea grantului.
Cum sunt definite tineretul?
Oricine cu vârsta de până la 35 de ani
Este important să aveți un cont bancar în dolari?
Grupul meu de inițiativă este situat în Transnistria, va fi o problemă?
Putem lucra numai cu o organizație din Moldova care implementează proiecte în parteneriat cu Transnistria. Nu putem să colaborăm direct cu o organizație transnistreană din cauza diplomaticii și a problemelor legate de transferul de bani.
AlteCare sunt prioritățile programului de granturi?
Dezvoltarea tineretului și a comunității și antreprenoriatul social
Câte proiecte vor fi finanțate? Va exista finanțare pentru mai multe proiecte sau doar unul dintre cele care se aplică?
Unu sau un grup de proiecte care totalizează 3.000 USD.
De unde provin fondurile alocate pentru granturi?
Abonamente membrilor și donații din partea comunității noastre. Majoritatea de bani donați vin din SUA.

Право на участиеМожет ли инициативная группа без юридического статуса подать заявку на грант?
Может ли государственное учреждение подать заявку на получение гранта? (То есть муниципальный молодежный центр)
Может ли компания, зарегистрированная как SRL, подать заявку на грант?
Если он действует как социальное предпринимательство, то да.
ПравилаКакие расходы приемлемы?
Затраты, которые могут быть оправданы на реализацию проекта, оправданы. Алкоголь, наркотики и оружие строго запрещены.
Какой срок выполнения гранта?
В течение 1 года с момента присуждения гранта.
Как определяется молодежь?
Все до 35 лет
Важно ли иметь долларовый банковский счет?
Моя инициативная группа находится в Приднестровье, это будет проблемой?
Мы можем работать только с партнерской организацией в Молдове, которая реализует проекты в Приднестровье, но не напрямую с приднестровской организацией из-за дипломатических проблем и проблем с переводом денег.
Другие ВопросыКакие приоритеты грантовой программы?
Молодежное и общественное развитие и социальное предпринимательство
Сколько проектов будет профинансировано? Будет ли финансирование на несколько проектов или только на один из поданных?
Один или группа проектов на общую сумму 3000 долларов США.
Откуда берутся средства, выделяемые на гранты?
Абонемент членов и пожертвования от нашего сообщества, в основном в США.

About Us

Local communities understand their own needs and aspirations best. Moldovans must be the leaders, decision-makers, and problem-solvers shaping their communities' futures.We activate a vast network of action-oriented community members, in-country Peace Corps Volunteers, returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and Friends of Moldova members to assist our grant winners.The contributions of our members and other donors empowers local community members to take direct action to resolve problems in their community. We award grants on a periodic basis to applicants who support small, community-driven projects in Moldova. Our goal is to provide grants in a simple, quick, and accountable way to ensure that necessary funding is provided immediately and is used effectively.

Our Board & Committee

Bartosz Gawarecki
Moldova 2015 - 2018

Bartosz served in the Republic of Moldova from 2015-2018 with the Peace Corps Community and Organizational Development program. He assisted in developing an environmental nonprofit and organizing programs for at-risk youth. In Lansing, Bartosz continued helping the community by starting a home care business that helps elderly and disabled refugees. He also helped start the Friends of Moldova, a nonprofit with the mission of supporting Moldovan youth for civil engagement and entrepreneurship. Outside of work, he enjoys playing soccer and travelling. He strives to help people grow and to make the world more environmentally friendly.

Jeff Liu
Moldova 2014 - 2016

Jeff was sent to the Republic of Moldova with the Peace Corps Small Enterprise Development program. He participated in business advising committees and consulted with mainly environmental non-profits and community development organizations. In Austin, Jeff kept following his non-profit heart and now works in the healthcare sector. Outside of volunteering with non profits, he enjoys running and climbing. He strives to be more involved in the Austin community and finding a situation to adopt a dog.

KC Soroushian
Grants Committee

KC graduated with a Juris Doctorate from The Akron School of Law in 2021 and now works in Family law with wood & associates. He has a passion for nonprofit work and is looking forward to improving the lives of Moldovan youth. He enjoys taking trips with a focus on new food experiences and sporting events.

Courtney Jackson
Communications Committee
Moldova 2017 - 2019

Courtney served in the Republic of Moldova from 2017 - 2019 in the Community Organizational Development program. Her main responsibilities were to assist local public administrators with project design and management as well as grant writing and researching. She is currently a Masters in Social Work candidate at the University of Pennsylvania and plans to continue assisting refugees, asylees, and immigrants upon graduating.

Kelsey Hoie Ferrell
Communications Committee
Moldova 2014 - 2016

Kelsey Hoie Ferrell served in Peace Corps Moldova as a Community and Organizational Development volunteer from 2014-2016. She worked with NGOs to develop economic opportunities for women and youth, and the preservation of traditional craft skills. Kelsey also served as the Director for ATIP (Anti-Trafficking in Persons) Moldova. She now works as an expert in interpersonal violence advocate and prevention in higher education. She lives in Oakland with her dog, cat, and rabbit.

Yathi Yatheepan
Communications Committee
Moldova 2019 - 2020

Yathi served in Peace Corps as an Organizational Development Facilitator in Moldova from 2019 until the global evacuation în 2020. Yathi currently lives and works as a Civil Engineer in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Out side of his job, Yathi assists with fundraising and social media for the Friends of Moldova. Yathi enjoys playing volleyball and traveling to other cities and countries and leaning the history, culture, and traditions of different societies around the world.

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Your Membership dues fund these projects. We provide oversight to our members and assist the democratically selected grant winners with their projects. Please renew or being your membership with The Friends of Moldova to contribute to and vote on grant winners like these . THANK YOU!Members receive: Updates, Special volunteering opportunities, and are invited to all update meetings throughout the year. During Grant Selection meetings each member in good standing has an equal say in which grant application(s) should be funded by the Friends of Moldova.
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If you have any questions, please email usBelow are updates to how your contributions are being spent. Grants are funded through memberships and Ukraine Refugee Relief is separate from this.

This is a special, emergency fundraiser, for displaced Ukrainians coming to Moldova.
Ukraine Refugee Relief Effort: Next Update will coincide with the publishing of the new website
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Emergency Fundraiser - Displaced Ukrainians coming to Moldova.
Given the fluidity and rapidly evolving situation, we will work with our partners in the country to determine the most appropriate way to support refugee efforts with these funds. Thank you again for your essential contributions to the Ukrainian refugees in Moldova. We will keep you updated as the situation unfolds. Continue to read about Moldova updates: https://moldovamatters.substack.com/
Those that donate to the Ukraine Refugee Relief fundraiser will be emailed a link to claim membership status in The Friends of Moldova. The membership fee is typically $35.00 annually but will be waived for those who have donated.