To support Moldovan civil and youth activists, initiatives, and social entrepreneurs.

A Nonprofit Founded by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

Our Work

Small Grants

During normal operations we fund 1-2 small grants projects per year. They have been within the scope of youth lead activities and social entrepreneurship. More information can be found in our bylaws

Ukrainian refugee ACTIVITIES

Since late February 2022, we have supported Ukrainian refugees in Moldova with Food and hygiene products. We have also provided transportation and developed a small group of Ukrainian volunteers at the distrubtion center.

Thank you for your donation!

We are grateful for your contribution. As a small and lean organization, we are able to give over 95% to our beneficiaries.If you have any questions, please email us.We will keep in touch with email updates from our activities and from our social media accounts (links below).

Since 2019

Local communities understand their own needs and aspirations best. Moldovans must be the leaders, decision-makers, and problem-solvers shaping their communities' futures. We have a vast network of action-oriented community members, in-country volunteers, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and Friends of Moldova members to assist our grant winners.The contributions of our members and other donors empowers local community members to take direct action to resolve problems in their community. We award grants on a periodic basis to applicants who support small, community-driven projects in Moldova.We have contributed to three projects since the start of our organization. The theme always revolves around youth, civic society, and social entrepreneurship.

Ongoing Projects (2022):
Galata Club

GALATA Club wants to engage with children that have been isolated by the pandemic and by modern technology. The organization wants to involve them in outdoor activities to increase their level of adaptability to different unique environments.

Ongoing Projects (2022):
A.O. Next Step

The NEXTSTEP project has a focus on students' futures with the goal to bridge the gap between students and their ambition. NEXTSTEP provides training, workshops, and coaching to inspire and guide youth into a career they are passionate about.

We will have project updates during late fall when these projects have completed their implementation period!

A.O. Pomul Vieții (2021)

Project Scope: A.O. Pomul Vieții proposed to use a grant of $3,000 to launch a self-sustaining tree planting business. These diverse trees was cultivated by 3-5 mentally-disabled young people at the Speranța și Sănătate Day Center for People with Mental Disabilities with training and support from Pomul Vieții staff. Profits from sales will go to the workers and maintain equipment and facilities, to ensure the continuation of the project. The majority of the grant will go towards building the green house, business training, paying the disable youth to help, & building an advance irrigation system. The completed greenhouse will also serve as an environmental education center for neurotypical middle- and high-school students in the region. We were able to grow 10,500 trees from seedlings, with a 94% survival rate. Their methods were so successfully they now have training sessions for fellow arborists in the country.

Since February 2022

Moldova, Ukraine’s neighbor, has opened its home to Ukrainian refugees. With more per capita Ukrainian refugees than any other country, local Moldovan hosts and Ukrainian refugees need our assistance. Our connections with the many organizations and people in Moldova have put us in a position to significantly contribute to aid those that need support from this war. We have worked with wonderful people throughout the last few month and respect our individual sponsors wish to be anonymous. Click Here for a list of our sponsors and partnering organizations. As of Fall 2022, we have distributed over $816,000 in direct support to over 65,000 Ukrainian refugees. Below are some photos of those we've been able to help.

Partnerships & Sponsors

Thank you for considering to support our causes. We separate our donations in two categories below. Some of the Grants & Activity Fund will be used for refugee support while all of our refugee donations will be to help Ukrainian refugees. For any questions reguarding donations, please contact us by email.

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